Morning Coffee





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Quality > Everything

We value quality over everything else and thats why we source and roast the best coffee on the planet! We use 100% Arabica beans from ethically ran farms and use organic beans when we can. Our cold brew is made the hard way, which results in the best damn cold brew ever! Each drink we have the pleasure of making for you is done meticulously and should be the way you like it every time! Our coffee is smooth like velvet and as strong as a robot. We don't cut corners and we don't water it down! Life is too long to drink shitty coffee, so drink Velvet Robot!


More than just pastries.

Nothing is worse than going to a coffee shop with the hopes of getting a real meal and having to settle for some played out pastry! We have pastries, but we also have real food thats hand made the old fashioned way in a real kitchen. Our goal isn't just to be your favorite beverage, but also your favorite bite in the city! Give us your hungry and tired and we will caffeinate and feed them all!

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our space.

No white walls!

The not so new trend in coffee is to have a minimalistic menu  and all white walls... how boring is that? We hate white walls and we love to have plenty of menu options to please all tastes and palates. We dreamed up a space that would foster creativity and inspire others to dream. Books will be written here, countless hours of homework will be done here, art of all kinds will be crafted here, people will be dumped here and we excited to be apart of it all! ( Sorry Becky!)